New structures inOAN by harDCore - 2003/05/18

The first great news is that we added a new hub to our network! Its name is Otaku Anime Walhalla! Minshare is 25 GB and min 22 GB anime! We changed the the rules and the mainchats in every hub except Heaven!

Public: 10 GB min - 7 GB anime related stuff
Sanctuary: 15 GB min - 12 GB anime related stuff
Eden: 20 GB min - 17 GB anime related stuff
Walhalla: 25 GB min - 22 GB anime related stuff

So for users who share more anime there is now a possibility to get more anime even if they aren't in Heaven! An other Important thing is that we added the min of 3 slots in the hub! and 1slot per connected hub! The rules for the public hubs are the same ecerpt the minshare!

Just have fun with the new hub =) have fun ^^


Another new hub for OAN by harDCore - 2003/04/21

We have a new hub and its name is Otaku Anime Eden! Address is eden.otaku-anime.net as u all can imaging i think ^^! We will have a new design for the website soon! So we won't add a section for Eden!
Rules for Eden are the same as the rules from Public! But they will change when the new website is available! So have fun and enjoy the new hub ^^

Otaku Anime Sanctuary DOWN by harDCore - 2003/04/07

Otaku Anime Sanctuary goes down for a moment till we found someone who can host it! If u know somebody please tell us! "sanctuary.otaku-anime.net" will be redirected to "public.otaku-anime.net" ! We will inform u when Sanctuary goes online again!

Userlimit for Otaku Anime Public increase by harDCore - 2003/03/29

600 users weren't enough :D so I set the userlimit up to 1200 users ;) Let see what will happen!
Have fun

New host for Otaku Anime Public by harDCore - 2003/03/27

Now the Public hub has a very fast connection too =) After Alucard told me he can't host OAP anymore we were going to find another host and found Mirandur! He's now the new host for the next months! Thx to Alu for the long time hosting and all the support and also to Mirandur for hosting now!
Because of the fast connection i decided to incease the userlimit to 600 users =) so come and enjoy

1. Distro for Otaku Anime Heaven by harDCore - 2003/03/22

Since yesterday night our first distro account is online! A T1 Distro that provide rare and high quality stuff! All this stuff is hard to get! Check it out and have fun with downloading this stuff =)
The name of the Distro is -OAN-Distro-1-

Otaku Anime Network was founded by harDCore - 2003/03/08

Today happened a great thing for the Anime world! The Otaku Anime Network was founded! You will find more informations all over our new website! Being up-to-date, you should check out all new categories! For help visit our forum or irc channel!

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