Once upon a time a DC user thought about starting his own hub and luckily he recently got a T3 server. His name was harDCore. Because of his friend Ghost aKa Youkai he knew about an anime fan group called Otaku-Forum consisting of a bunch of weirdos. At that time harDCore urgently needed support for his hub and asked the O-F to help him OPerating. That's why the hub's name in the beginning was "[Otaku-Forum] Anime Hub".

Although not an official O-F member, OldDirtyBastard joined the crew and did a lot of work for the sake of the hub. The first [Otaku-Forum] Hub went online on 2002/12/22. After a while harDCore joined the Independent Hub Network and received lots of new users causing financial problems due to traffic increasement. The result: a new software and our Anime Heaven.

After a while both hubs flourished and our costs too, that's why we needed people sponsoring the hubs. After harDCore and ODB, Masta too began paying constantly and after him others joined quickly. Most worries seemed vanished and the community kept growing. But to make sure we won't get into troubles again we kept looking for new sponsors and ODB brought PsYdUcK™ along, who is now one of the most dedicated Ops in our network.

Time passed by and at the beginning of march, harDCore worked out a concept for a new hub. Cooperating with ÅLÜ©@®Ð we started our third hub: the Junkyard. On the same day we decided to rename the whole network, because the names didn't fit together.

That's the origin and the beginning of the Otaku Anime Network with its three hubs: Otaku Anime Public (former Junkyard), Otaku Anime Sanctuary (former [O-F] Anime Hub) and the Otaku Anime Heaven ( former Anime Heaven).

Also mioumiou began working on our second homepage and OldDirtyBastard on our IRC channel. Hopefully we will be able to add a lot more history lines in the near future.

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