General Information

  Address: heaven.otaku-anime.net:300

Maximum users that can connect: 400
Maximum counted users: 253
Maximum counted share: 24,78 TB
Minimum share: 30 GB High Qualiy Anime Episodes & Movies


  · Dual P3 1133
· 1 GB DDR Ram
· 100Mbit connection



I. Share:
· Minimum share is 30 GB High Quality Anime [episodes/movies]
  Hentai won't count to your minimum share!
· Share have to be made up of PURE ANIME RELATED stuff!
  (like Anime episodes/movies, Anime Ost, Manga, Hentai, etc.)
  Unshare ALL non anime stuff!
· Name your files correctly and keep it in order.
· Fakeshare & Pornshare will result in account kick without warning
  (Hentai is allowed but live-action hentai is consider as porn and
  is forbidden)
· Don't share incomplete files, installed games or programs.
  As well as .DLL, .VOB, .TEMP, KAZAA files.

II. Hubs/Slots/Clients:
· NMDC and DC++ 0.181 (or higher) clients are allowed.
· Tag hiding or limiting bandwidth is not allowed.
· Don't lie about your connection speed or close slots without a
  good reason !
· Stay in the hub while downloading !
· Open at least 1 slots! And 1 slot per connected hub.
· Connecting to more than 10 hubs isn't allowed.
· Don't advertise or talk about other hubs !
· OPs might need to check your share, therefore open a slot
  if they ask. If the slot(s) is(are) already taken you don't have to give
  an OP a slot for downloading but you have to grant one for share

III. Further Rules:
· As a member of Anime Heaven is recommend that you add this tag <@>
  into your description (prefered in the beginning of your description)
· Keep the mainchat busy, chatting is highly recommended ^_^
· Respect the OPs and all other users.
· Always behave and be polite in the mainchat, don't insult users in PMs.
· Do not flood the mainchat.
· Don't PM OPs unless it is important.
· Don't ask to become an OP/VIP ! If we are looking for OPs/VIPs we let
  you know!



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