mIRC is a very useful tool to get the latest releases from its origin: the fansubber IRC channel. There are several faqs how to use mIRC: the basics and how to download. For more questions e-mail an operator or visit us at #otaku-anime. If you are already used to mIRC or any other IRC script you may like to visit the following channels:

Our IRC channel in which we're posting all kind of news around our network and new releases.

Otaku-Anime #otaku-anime @ irc.aniverser.com

And other channels of great fansubbers.

ANBU #anbuDOM @ irc.aniverse.com
( the latest Naruto & Raimuiro Senkitan releases )

AnimeHaven #animehaven @ irc.enterthegame.com
( the latest Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu & Kiddy Grade releases )

AnimeJunkies #AnimeJunkies @ irc.aniverse.com
( the latest AJ releases )

Anime-Keep #anime-keep @ irc.aniverse.com
( the latest Dragon Drive & Gunparade March releases )

Anime-Kraze #anime-kraze @ irc.aniverse.com
( the latest Inuyasha & GD SEED releases )

AnimeOne #animeone @ irc.aniverse.com
( the latest Naruto & GiTS SAC releases )

The Hawks #hawks @ irc.wondernet.nu
( the latest Manga Releases like Berserk on fast XDCC bots )

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